checkattacks.com is an IDS (intrusion detection system) for your websites. With a custom exploit engine we try to detect as many attack attempts, in real time, as often as we can. Unlike a standard WAF (web application firewall) which may block legitimate traffic and stop users from being able to access your site, we allow it all and log any attack attempts we detect, making this service as transparent to the end user as possible. Storing attack attempts offsite means that if your website does become compromised it's as simple as restoring the backups, checking here to determine how the attacker exploited your website and patching the vulnerability.


Symantec calculates the cost of cyber crime to be $114 billion annually.[1]
With such huge websites like Sony, WordPress, Epsilon, RSA & Voice of America[2] (plus countless others) getting hacked the need for attacker identification and attack method detection is ever increasing.
Most websites are exposed to at least one serious vulnerability every day and only 16% are vulnerable less than 30 days of the year overall.[3]
If your website needs to meet compliance regulations such as PCI DSS or you would like peace of mind against OWASP threats then this would be the perfect tool to meet your needs.
Affordability is our goal, other WAF's or security solutions charge in the hundreds a month, we aim to secure as many websites as possible for just £20 per month!


To secure your website with this tool is as simple as:

  1. Registration - username & password, website details and payment
  2. Installation - a simple process with both remote and local options available
  3. Done - sit back and relax as your website is now being monitored